I wanna carry you all on my back 2023
Audiovisual installation, Color 4K, Soundscape, loop, 15:00

Presented at Diskurs Berlin; 9.November - 1.Dezember 2023
Presented at Artnight Kreuzlingen/Konstanz im APOLLO KINO;23. März - 27 März 2023
The installation consists of recycled all-purpose blankets, (60% cotton and 40% synthetic) soft as peat. We use these all-purpose blankets to protect our things that are important to us. They are placed in a swimming position. You can hold on to the padded ends. The dimensions of the Installaion is variable.

The work "I wanna carry you all on my back" explores and awakens spaces of life in an unusual perspective. Swimming, sailing like a creature, like a spider across the forest ground. In the side-specific performance, Wintermantel takes us on a journey through the forest and through special habitats where we encounter strategies and resistances. The universal language of birds, dialogues and conversations guide us through the irrational movement of the story. Questions that may arise at a moment in the future, between the political and personal attitudes of the travellers.

The work is charged with meanings that poetically address the reciprocal relationships between humans and other living beings; it is about destroyed places and endangered life forms. How do we want to get people to pay attention to the beauty of our neighbourhood and preserve it? To begin with, we see the world through the eyes of a creature. And then with our own eyes.

Installation view at Diskurs Berlin