Das Horn, two ears for the wind 2020
over 2 m, recycled material sewer pipe, epoxy resin, metal, stone

Last summer I worked in the alps in Switzerland with objects that are part of our everyday life. But we rarely see them because they are useful to us underground. The sewage pipes. Many used ones, in different sizes and colours, are lying in recycling yards. I noticed the strong vibrating sound when the strong wind from the mountains blew through the big piles of rubbish and through the pipes. That was the beginning of me putting objects in the way of the wind so that I could hear it better. It is only through the wind and the movement it brings that we are able to hear our surroundings at all.

The Horn is a self-sounding object. A sculpture that is made to vibrate by external influences. The environment, such as mountains, lakes, animals and we humans determine the resonance.

exhibited at the Residence Free Republic with Kunsthallen Toggenburg, Switzerland and Kollektiv Studio Huette 2020
exhbited at BLECH ART BASEL 2022

please listen with headphones